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Marisa & Dave promoting their book on IFC’s The Grid, hosted by dapper Public Radio legend, Mr. Jesse Thorn (PRI’s The Sound of Young America)!

Dave was on TV this morning promoting the book, and he only messed up twice! Click here for the accompanying news article.

Dealbreaker Book Promo #4: Dog

In our fourth and final video, Dave wants to help promote the book, but he gets distracted. Guest stars include Freddie and David Neher.

The book is OUT! Today is the DAY!!! Buy it ANYWHERE books are sold (seriously!) or buy it on Amazon:

Dealbreaker Book Promo #3: Beautiful Music

We want you to buy our book, so we wrote the world’s most amazing song about it.

Dealbreaker Advice Corner #8: LIGHTNING ROUND TWO!

We answer SEVEN questions in under five minutes! We touch on avoiding exes, flirting with married people, divorce, meeting single people, and most importantly, how to be more like us.

Dealbreaker Book Promo #2!

We tried to make a promo for our book, but we’re idiots.

Buy It!!

Dealbreaker Book Promo #1: Incentive Packages

Here is the first in a series of four promos we made for our new book, Dealbreaker: The Definitive List Of Dating Offenses. If you like it, please pass it around. We’re trying to spread the word as much as we can before it comes out!

And pre-order the book here if you want!

Dealbreaker Advice Corner #7

"Is it ever appropriate to hook up with more than one person in a circle of friends? If so What is the protocol?"

Ask us something!

Dealbreaker Advice Corner #6: LIGHTNING ROUND!

We answer FIVE questions in 4.5 minutes!
1. Why does my girlfriend get mad at me a lot?
2. Why won’t guys ever sit next to me on the bus?
3. What are some good signs that a girl is interested in me?
4. Where do we do we draw the line between having balls and being rape-y?
5. My boyfriend’s a douche. Help!

Dealbreaker Advice Corner #5

Why won’t a guy make a move at the end of a date? There are two possible reasons…

Ask Questions, Get Answers.