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Swift And French: Episode One - Be Normal from Erin Gibson on Vimeo.


WORLD PREMIERE! Two years in the making, a show about two co-workers who hate each other, hate the coffee shop they work at, and hate the superpowers they’ve mysteriously developed. 

Swift and French

Written by/Starring Erin Gibson & Dave Horwitz

with Marisa Pinson and Billy Merritt

Directed by Tyler Gilette / Special Effects by Chris VanArtsdalen

Pass it around if you like it, will ya?

Watch Dave make goo goo eyes at Marisa! Also he can fly in this!

Dealbreaker Advice Corner #10: Erin Gibson (Part 2) from Deal Breaker on Vimeo.


In this thrilling conclusion, our heroes discuss religious preference, blunt arrogance, and of course, burritos.

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(Part 1)